Time Deposit Account

Choose KoopBank if you are looking for a secure investment with satisfactory interest rates. With its fixed interest and variable time options, our Savings Accounts are for YOU.

Be it Turkish Lira or foreign currency, if you have not stated otherwise, your deposit account will be renewed for the same time period and current interest rates will apply.

At the end of the indicated time, your money can be transferred to any account you nominate. You have the option of transferring only the interest incurred and keep the main amount earning more interest. In cases where there has been a withdrawal before the maturity period some interest will be awarded depending on the date of the withdrawal.

To open a time deposit account you can also visit our KoopBank Internet Branch

Use Mobile Banking or KoopBank Internet Branch, at the end of the term of your time deposit:

  • You can transfer money from your current account to your savings account
  • You can also transfer money from your savings account to your current account
  • Again from our Internet Branch, by using your TL savings accounts, you can open any type of Foreign Currency time deposit accounts.

  • Time Deposit Accounts Term Options

  • Accessing Your Account?