Services for POS Merchants

You can fast and accurately realize your sales transactions with credit card and bank card instead of cash with Koopbank Merchant Card Processing terminals.

Our POS terminals are equipped with the most advanced technologies to complete all your transactions quickly and correctly.

While offering you with our bank’s POSs we chose the most user-friendly POS terminals. Rather than using abbreviations and non-user friendly buttons during your transactions, we adapted computer approach onto POS and enabled it with a clear usage of Turkish on the screen. That’s why all of our POS terminals have wide screens.

  • Features
    • Avoids all risks related to keeping cash and from having to manage sales with instalments
    • Alleviates the periodic cash availability problems that are experienced during peak periods of business transactions and evens out the pressure on turnover and workload.
    • You can make your business accounts simple and safe by regularly checking cash flow
    • In parallel with the widening of credit card usage, it leads to an increase in your business volume and turnover, and thus increases your competitiveness.
    • It reduces time loss in your payments by concluding your sales quickly and efficiently.
    • Removes the risk of the use of counterfeit notes.
    • Minimizes the possibility of theft, looting and so on in workplaces that carry a security risk (such as petrol stations)
    • In case you take advantage of Internet Banking, you can follow your business’ transactions online.
  • Working Conditions - Commercial Repayments
  • How to apply?