OptimumCard Payments

You can easily pay for your OptimumCard payments out of your current/overdraft account by making an Automatic Payment Request.

Paying from a Branch

You can make your payments in cash or out of your account by coming to any of our branches. In payments by cheque, in case the cheque belongs to our bank or is given by cooperative enterprises, the payment transaction is realized in an instant. For payments by cheque belonging to other banks, following the cheque clearing process (2 working days) the payment is transferred to your card and your limit is increased.

Automatic Payment Request

One single directive and the credit card due amount (full or minimum payment amount) is debited from your account every month on the last payment date; your payments are made automatically by our bank on your behalf. Our customers who have given an Automatic Payment Request are in the obligation to have the sufficient amount available (their available limit has to meet the payment amount) in their account on the last payment day, in order for the card’s due amount to be paid for.

Bill Payment Assurance

You can be sure that your card payments will be made on time if you arrange an overdraft limit for your cheque account; your payment will be made even if there are insufficient funds in your account to cover it.

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Bill Payment Methods

  • From KOOP24 and KOOP24plus+ ATM’s

  • By Telephone Banking on 600 02 02

  • By Internet Branch and Mobile Branch

For your Applications

You can give your Automatic Payment Request to your nearest branch, our Customer Service or in our Internet Branch.

You will not be charged any fee for card payments and Automatic Payment Requests.