Salary Payments

Through its wide network of ATMs, KoopBank provides a salary payment service for the employees and pensioners of the following companies and public-sector organisations in accordance with agreements in place: the Ministry of Finance, municipalities, POE’s (Public Economic Enterprises) and the Social Security Inst. Through this service, KoopBank provides current accounts for those named by the above-mentioned companies and organisations and issues them with a Koop24 bank card, which allows the users to access their accounts. Users can also link their current account to their Optimum Credit Card and use it to withdraw funds.

  • Advantages of Salary Payments
    • Allows employees and pensioners to be paid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of working hours or holidays, anywhere in Cyprus.
    • Employees can take advantage of the loan system our bank provides.
    • It saves time and offers protection against the risk of theft and wrong payment that might result in having to pay cash or cheques in hand or the obligation of to keep large amounts of cash on the firm's premises.
    • Visit your nearest branch if you would like to enjoy KoopBank assurance for your salary payment needs.
  • Specially for Corporations
  • Advantages
  • How the Salary Payment System Works
  • Koopbank Salary Payment Programme