We offer you a credit card which will make you discover very special features beyond shopping.

For your purchases, your Optimum card is accepted worldwide. Shop to your heart’s content.

In thousands of stores carrying our Optimum logo, you have the freedom to shop either in full or on installments. You can withdraw cash either from a branch or an ATM. Meanwhile, you also earn points.

OptimumCard offers you unique possibilities and advantages such as OptimumInstallment, OptimumAdvance, OptimumPoints and so many others.

  • Features of OptimumCard

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Optimum Instalment
Delayed Instalment
  • OptimumInstalments

    Don’t postpone your dreams. Choose the instalment option for your purchase payments.

    Use Optimum Instalment for your OptimumCard payments. You can take advantage of favourable shopping opportunities and payment conditions whenever you see the Optimum symbol in more than 4,000 outlets. With OptimumCard you have the option to either pay in full or in interest-free instalments regardless of the payment period.

  • Optimum Delayed Instalment

    Shop first, and pay later anywhere in the world. You can even pay off your full purchases in instalments!

    With OptimumCard spread all your single payment purchases as instalment payments at home or abroad. All you need to do to make your payments is visit our Internet Branch online, use our Mobile Branch via your mobile phone or tablet or contact our Call Centre on (0392) 600 02 02.

    • Delayed Instalment Fees

    Number of Instalments Fee (BSIV not included)
    3 % 6.48
    6 % 11.45
    9 % 15.71
    12 % 19.92

  • How to calculate a delayed instalment

  • Channels for applying for Delayed Instalment

  • Details about how to apply

  • Optimum Advance

    Do not make a big deal … Simply withdraw cash advance from ATMs and our branches.

    If you have an OptimumCard, you have the freedom of a cash advance anytime you need. You can withdraw cash from all KOOP24 ATMs, our branches and all ATMs displaying the MasterCard/Visa symbol, at home or abroad.

  • Optimum Points

    Earn all the time… Shop for free by spending points rather than money.

    Optimum Points with OptimumCard. Single payments or instalments, you earn Optimum Points on all purchases paid for with OptimumCard. What's more, you can double and quadruple your points at certain point levels and at certain periods. Then you can use the Optimum Points as money for shopping at various outlets.