Foreign Currency Transactions

Koopbank offers you the best foreign currency rates!

When you visit KoopBank you can exchange your currency at the best rates available for another currency of your choice.

You will receive a special rate at your branch when you buy or sell a minimum of $2,000 or its equivalent.

In Koopbank, you can cash traveler checks, personal and corporate checks in U.S.Dollar,Euro and Pound Sterling currencies issued by foreign banks and institutions. You can also arrange for foreign currency cheques to be prepared at KoopBank.

Foreign Currency Cheque Requests

You can arrange for cheques to be prepared in US dollars, Euros or British pounds. Once drawn, these cheques can be used in your trade transactions with other banks at home or abroad. Foreign currency cheques sent to KoopBank from other banks at home or abroad for cash transfer collections are dealt with swiftly.