Dear Customers,

Due to the measures taken by the Council of Ministers regarding the Covid-19 virus, our services will be provided at a diminished level as follows :

  1. For the period from 16th of March through 27th of March our branches will operate between the hours of 08:00 and 12:00.
  2. During the service hours, we will be operating with limited number of staff at the following 5 branches only.

            Nicosia Yenişehir Branch
            Famagusta Maraş Branch
            İskele Branch
            Kyrenia Branch
            Güzelyurt Branch

All our other branches and service locations will be closed temporarily during this period.

  1. Our primary purpose at this period will be providing support and services for those businesses that have been allowed to operate by the Council of Ministers. All other customers are requested not to visit the branches unless it is an urgency.
  2. In order to minimize contact, a limited number of customers will be allowed inside the branches during the service hours while some of our customers will be requested to wait outside in fresh air.


  1. During this temporary period, we encourage our customers to use the electronic banking channels instead of visiting our branches. ATM, Internet & Mobile Branches, Credit & Debit Cards and our Call Center(600 02 02) will be at your service as usual.


We thank you for your understanding.
Stay safe and healthy.