EOS ( Electronic Payment System)

For your domestic money transfers made with EOS (Electronic Payment System) there is no limit for the amount transferred.

With EOS, you can transfer Turkish Lira's, Euro's, US Dollars and GBP's to the domestic banks quickly.

By using EOS, you can pay your Optimumcard easily from other domestic banks.

With EOS money transfers, information will be verified in electronic format and directly will be transferred to the customers account without any limit. In this way flows of money that can be expressed in seconds without any manual processing speed and time, takes place more securely.

EOS services that is now being provided to customers through our branches is also available in Internet and Mobile Branches.

Central Bank closes the EOS operations except Thursday 14:30. On Thursday closes at 15:30. Therefore, for the EOS processes the branches should send the instructions to our Bank on Thursdays until 15:00, and other weekdays until 14:00. The instructions until this time will be transferred the same day to the relevant accounts in the bank. On Thursdays after 15:30, and other week days after from 14:30 the orders will be transferred the next business day. The EOS transactions that you make through our Internet Branch and Mobile Banking are available on Thursdays until 15:30, and the other weekdays until 14:30.