Internet Banking

Use your home or workplace PC/Laptop and Internet connection to access the KoopBank Internet branch...

TKŞ (OTP - One Time Password)

First time in Cyprus at a Bank's Internet Branch

  • A technology that provides additional security when accessing our Internet branch.
  • Creates a “Single Use Password” and forwards it to you by SMS within seconds using Vip text message technology.
  • It is used as an additional protection when accessing Internet banking, when approving financial transactions and when changing security settings.
  • A different password each time.
    • TKŞ produces variable passwords. A password produced cannot be used a second time by you or anybody else.
    • The TKŞ becomes void if it is not used within 3 minutes

CMH - Live Online Customer Support

We are with you on the Internet

If you are banking online at our Internet Branch and have a question regarding one of your transactions...

Press the CMH key. Correspond live, one-to-one with a customer representative when the dialogue window launches.

Mobile top-ups with OptimumCard

Buy credits for your mobile by using your credit card

With your OptimumCard you can now purchase the Kktcell and Telsim top-ups that you have previously bought via our ATMs and the Voice Response System and benefit from the Buy Now Pay later service provided by your card. What's more, there is no additional fee even though you are making a purchase with your credit card.

Realizable Transactions

  • My Accounts
    • My Current Accounts
    • My Time Deposit Accounts
    • My Loan Accounts
    • My All Accounts
    • Interest Rates
    • Opening a Time Deposit Account
    • Opening a Current Account
    • Adding/Removing an account to/from your card.
    • Requesting Account Summary via E-mail/Fax
    • Assigned Money Transfer Accounts
    • Transaction Slips
    • Financial Status
  • Money Transfers
  • Foreign Currency Transactions
  • Optimum Credit Card Transactions
  • Payments
  • Top Up Prepaid Minutes
  • Automated Payments
  • Consumer Loans
  • Security Settings
  • POS Member Transactions