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  • Loans to be used Inexchange for Milk Claim Payment

    Milk claim is a loan made to milk producers who present a document from the cooperative they are a member of stating that they can pay claims to our bank in milk; and to producers who already have an account with us whose milk claims are paid into our bank by SÜTEK. This loan has special conditions and a low-interest rate.

    • Those livestock owners, the producers who hand in their cow milk production to SÜTEK 1.5 months (3 lists) worth the value of the milk they hand in monthly;
    • Those goat and sheep farmers who hand in their goat/sheep milk production to SÜTEK half (½) the value of the milk they hand in monthly;

    Turkish lira and/or the equivalent in foreign currency can be loaned as an instalment credit and/or a limited current/cheque account is assigned.

    Producers who apply for a loan of up to 50.000TL will need two guarantors and those producers who apply for a loan in excess of 50.000TL will need to provide three guarantors.

    Personal accident insurance is granted to those producers who take out loans in this category.

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