Cash Loans

These are products which your firm can use for its several financial needs.

Turkish Lira Cash Loans

  • Short Term Cash Loans

    Short Term Cash Loans are designed to fulfill short term financial needs.

    Although it has a certain due date, it can be repaid partially or completely at any time.

    It can be in Turkish Lira or in any foreign currency and the interest rate of these credits whose interest payments are collected at the end of the year, can be a floating rate according to the changes in the market conditions.

  • Commercial Credit Deposit Account / Overdraft Account
  • Advantages
  • Redemption - Discount Loans

Foreign Currency Cash Loans

  • Foreign Currency Loans

    These are loan that are given under the movement of capital mandate of KKTCMB to those companies who operates within TRNC and works with exports. These loans demand an undertaking of payment.

  • Cheque Redemption Loans