Commercial Accounts

KoopBank makes life easier for you and helps you managing your accounts

Koopbank, provides services to corporate clients with different and various products such as credit, foreign trade transactions, and cash management.

Koopbank is providing contemporary and innovative services regardless of their scale to all enterprises, to importers/exporters and wholesalers, to secondary industry enterprises, to the suppliers of big companies and their dealers. It is also standing by all of them as a solution partner with the aim of meeting their any kind of financial needs.

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Current Accounts
Time Deposit Accounts
Overdraft Accounts
  • Current Account

    Provides a lot of advantages KoopBank has to offer.

    With the flexibility of a current account you can earn while you save and withdraw when you need cash.

    You can make all your banking transactions through your current account and save time.

    Open an account in Turkish Lira or in any foreign currency, build your savings, make money orders and EFT, make card and standing order payments, pay your bills and withdraw cash whenever you need it.

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  • Time Deposit Accounts

    Choose KoopBank if you are looking for a secure investment with satisfactory interest rates. With its fixed interest and variable time options our Time Deposit Accounts are for YOU.

    The TL or foreign currency based term account that you will open will be renewed upon term expiration with the same term and interest rates unless requested otherwise.

    If you wish, upon term expiration, your money may be transferred to the account you designated. Moreover, you may also want to take only the accrued interest and let your capital continue on increasing its value in your term account. Depending on the closure date, a certain rate of interest is applied to the accounts closed before term expiration.

    To open a time deposit account you can also visit our KoopBank Internet and Mobile Branch

    In our Mobile Branch or Internet Branch, upon term expiration;

    • You can transfer money from your current account to your deposit account
    • You can also transfer money from your deposit account to your current account
    • Time deposit accounts term options

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  • Overdraft Accounts

    By opening a overdraft account at our bank, your company can benefit from the possibilities of all payments or forward purchases.

    Your Overdraft Account meets your daily cash needs and payments even you do not have sufficient funds in your demand deposit account.

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