Salary Payments

If your salary is deposited at KoopBank, it always benefits you.

The KoopBank Salary Account is an instant access savings account which offers personal banking products and services on advantageous terms to its holders. When your salary is deposited into your KoopBank account, you can take immediate advantage of our products and services on terms available only to you.

  • Exclusively for Employees

    You can enjoy many advantages in a single account...

    Customers whose salaries are deposited into KoopBank can benefit from advantageous charges for many of our products and services.

    • No charge for salary account transactions
    • An OptimumCard credit limit of up to four times your salary (upper limit of 25,000 TL)
    • Personal loans on more convenient terms
  • Outstanding Salary Account With 20 Times Limit Waiting For You
  • Take Advantages of KOOP24 Debit Card
  • Meet With The Advantages of OptimumCard
  • Access to your account instantly via Internet and Mobile Branches